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Welcome to Hypnotherapy West Sussex

West Sussex Hypnotherapy with Lesley Rosslyn

Female hypnotherapist based in East Grinstead on the borders of Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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How can hypnotherapy help you?*

Life is not always ‘plain sailing'.

Sometimes, life is anything BUT ‘plain sailing'.

It is often difficult to find a solution for some of the issues that plague us, because, we are too close! We need to be able to get some perspective, to step back, so we can have a full view of the situation. Then we can see what our choices are. Only then can we make the changes that will make the difference. Each person is actually their own 'best expert' but sometimes they need a little assistance to connect the dots!

Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the problem.

Sometimes, in our lives, situations occur that create a problem for us. The situation becomes ‘planted' in our mind, and grows roots. These roots spread, creating what we sometimes call ‘symptoms'. For example: sleeplessness, over eating, panic, fear, bouts of worry, in fact it could be any number of things. The use of hypnotherapy by a Hypnotherapist, such as myself, can help you discover how to get rid of the root of your problem, so that, as anyone who has ever tried to grow anything in the garden will know, if there are no roots, the plant will not survive. It will die.

Simple - problem solved.

Together we can make the appropriate changes.

*Please note, results may vary from person to person.


Areas Covered

My practice is based on the borders of West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Kent and is accessable to the following towns:

  • East Grinstead
  • Crawley
  • Horsham
  • Forest Row
  • Horley
  • Redhill
  • Caterham
  • Gatwick
  • Seven Oaks
  • Lingfield
  • Edenbridge
  • Dormansland.
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